Data published by BCRA

Los datos de variables de BCRA se extraen diariamente de los datos publicados por el BCRA en la página del BCRA. Específicamente se usa la información publicada en Estadísticas -> Principales Variables.

It's important to consider that BCRA publishes it's data with many days of delay. (Generally from 5 to 10 days). Besides this, there is certain data, specifically information regarding bank accounts, which is published with an even further delay.

This is the reason why the information on the site is a couple of days delayed.

Data Completion

Since BCRA does not provide data for all days (for example weekends or holidays), to properly display the graphs on the days were there is no data, we take the value of the previous day for which there are records. For example, if on the 9th of July there is no data because it was a holiday, but there are records for the 8th and the 10th of July, we take the value of the 8th of July to complete the value of the 9th of July.

USD Exchange Rate and Merval

USD Exchange Rate and Merval data is extracted from public sources (Specifically we are using values published by Invertia, Ámbito Financiero and La Nación).