API Documentation


API requests are against the site: https://api.estadisticasbcra.com


It is necesary to be authorized to use the API. To do this, you must add to the request a header with an autorization TOKEN. To get the TOKEN, please sign up.

After acquiring the TOKEN add th following Header to your requests:

Authorization: BEARER {TOKEN}

The TOKEN expires a year after it has been issued. After that it must be renewed.

Usage Limit

There is a limit of 100 daily requests


API responses return JSON. Excepting /milestones they return the following structure:

                    "d": date in MySQL format,
                    "v": value of the indicator for this date.

That is an array of objects with two parameters d that holds the date in MySQL format (YYYY-MM-DD) and v that holds the value. Ex:

[{"d":"2003-01-02","v":10501},{"d":"2003-01-03","v":10505},{"d":"2003-01-06","v":10564},{"d":"2003-01-07","v":10605},{"d":"2003-01-08","v":10652},{"d":"2003-01-09","v":10663},{"d":"2003-01-10","v":10645},{"d":"2003-01-13","v":10664},{"d":"2003-01-14","v":10693} .... ]

Milestones Response

The /milestones request response has the form:

                    "d": date in MySQL format,
                    "e": event,
                    "t": the event type [pres|econ|bcra|misc]                }

Available Requests