API Documentation


API requests are against the site: https://api.estadisticasbcra.com


It is necesary to be authorized to use the API. To do this, you must add to the request a header with an autorization TOKEN. To get the TOKEN, please sign up.

After acquiring the TOKEN add th following Header to your requests:

Authorization: BEARER {TOKEN}

The TOKEN expires a year after it has been issued. After that it must be renewed.

Usage Limit

There is a limit of 100 daily requests


This free servuce, does not offer any guarantee that it will continue working in the future or that no errors will occur. In particular, since the service is based on the information provided by BCRA (and some other external sources) if any information presented in this sources is incorrect, those mistakes will be replicated in the service. Besides, sin those sources can change the format in which they present their information, the service might be interrupted by changes in the sources. The service provider assumes no responsibility towards the continuity o quality of the service, you can only use the service if you accept this conditions.


API responses return JSON. Excepting /milestones they return the following structure:

                    "d": date in MySQL format,
                    "v": value of the indicator for this date.

That is an array of objects with two parameters d that holds the date in MySQL format (YYYY-MM-DD) and v that holds the value. Ex:

[{"d":"2003-01-02","v":10501},{"d":"2003-01-03","v":10505},{"d":"2003-01-06","v":10564},{"d":"2003-01-07","v":10605},{"d":"2003-01-08","v":10652},{"d":"2003-01-09","v":10663},{"d":"2003-01-10","v":10645},{"d":"2003-01-13","v":10664},{"d":"2003-01-14","v":10693} .... ]

Milestones Response

The /milestones request response has the form:

                    "d": date in MySQL format,
                    "e": event,
                    "t": the event type [pres|econ|bcra|misc]                }

Available Requests